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$160,250 in Funding Provided to Seven Local Farming Initiatives through Agriculture Enhancement Grants Program

Every year our Agricultural Enhancement Grants committee members meet to decide what types of projects will receive Agriculture Enhancement Grant funding and the focus that will provide needed supports to our local agricultural industry. This year the committee chose agriculture innovation with a technology focus, including research and development, to benefit the agriculture industry.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we have provided $160,250 in funding to seven local farming initiatives that met the project criteria of the 2021 Agricultural Enhancement Grant program. These projects include:

  • Point 3 Biotech: $40,000 for Ag Tech Consortium; BioDigital Convergence – “Manure Management as a Service” Toolkit Development
  • Ravens Brewing Company: $17,500 for Sugar Beets for Liquor Industry
  • University of the Fraser Valley: $20,000 for Capacity Building for Field Corn Testing for the Dairy Sector
  • Trident Processes: $15,000 for Manure Management as a Service – Trials and Demonstration
  • Windberry Farms: $25,000 for Labor and Water Savings; Enabling High Value Crops on Low Grade Land
  • Triple AAA Farms: $20,000 for their Blueberry Leaf Tea project
  • Integrated Crop Management Services Inc: $22,750 for Plant Pathology Lab

Marcus Jansen, Chair of our Agricultural Enhancement Grants committee, confirms that agriculture innovation is an area of rapid growth and change. He also believes that each grant recipient has specific projects targeted to advancing technologies or research to benefit the agricultural sector.  The ACF is pleased to partner on these grants with the City of Abbotsford and since this program was started we have invested over $960,000 into the agricultural sector in Abbotsford through this funding initiative.

To learn more about the Agricultural Enhancement Grants program, click here.