Our History

The Abbotsford Community Foundation was conceived by a series of initiating events that started with a substantial donation by the Trethewey Family to the Matsqui Parks and Recreation Commission in 1978.

The Directors of the Commission at that time felt that the sizable donation could have a much longer effect on the community if it was invested in perpetuity and revenues from the investment spent annually.

The Matsqui-Abbotsford Parks and Recreation Foundation Society was formed in December of 1979.  Following three years of operation, the new Directors of the Foundation felt the organization would be more accepted and have a greater growth potential if it was independent of Council.  As a result of these discussions, a special resolution was adopted that changed the existing Foundation to the Matsqui-Abbotsford Foundation Society.  The Directors of the Foundation would now be elected by the members (who are the Directors). With the amalgamation of the Matsqui and Abbotsford municipalities in 1994, a further amendment was made to the constitution that changed the name of the Foundation once again to the Abbotsford Foundation.  In 2002 the name was revised to “Abbotsford Community Foundation”.

The Abbotsford Community Foundation has experienced steady asset growth over the years.  This has come about through the generous giving of a number of people in the community plus the establishment of several special funds by other not for profit groups and special interest organizations within the area.  ACF’s current endowment is over $12 million and from 1980 to 2019 has distributed more than $11 million in grants and student awards. These grants have been made to many charitable organizations for programs and projects in Abbotsford related to education, culture, arts, sports, agriculture enhancement, recreation and social issues like homelessness and poverty. In 2020, the ACF will have a record year of granting with $950,000 allocated for community granting!