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Bryan Born’s Story

Bryan Born was born in Abbotsford in the 1960’s and spent 20 years pursuing his studies elsewhere. After spending 12 years in Botswana, he decided it was time to return to his family and reconnect with his Canadian roots. He believes that British Columbia is full of opportunity and that Abbotsford is one of the most beautiful places on earth. He is now the President of Columbia Bible College and is married to his wife, Theresa, and has three children and five grandchildren all under the age of five.

Bryan hopes other view him as a caring, driven, hardworking, and committed person. These qualities are what drove Bryan to get involved with the Abbotsford Community Foundation after he was introduced to Wendy Neufeld, the current Executive Director of the Abbotsford Community Foundation. He believes so strongly in what the Foundation is doing, and that it is serving a purpose. A year later, Bryan says it was pretty easy to say yes to joining the Board of Directors.

Bryan wants to see all community members functioning at a higher capacity given some of the challenges currently facing our community such as addiction and homelessness. He feels that we are a community with resources and opportunities. He says that with all our gifts, talents, capacities – we must focus on maximizing what we can give to others. One of Bryan’s guiding questions is “How do we create maximum opportunity for self, family, and community?”. He is confident that the Abbotsford Community Foundation is a selfless organization that allows members be their best possible self for the good of the community.

When Bryan reflects on this community, he believes there is a sense of purpose and hope. “We have opportunities to be more connected than ever.” – Bryan Born