Abbotsford Community Foundation supports local charities through its granting programs, professional development workshops and assistance with establishing Agency endowment funds to ensure a sustainable stream of revenue for unrestricted purposes.

Many charities in Abbotsford have established endowment funds with the Foundation.  These are permanent funds that are held by the Foundation which generate unrestricted revenue and enable them to take advantage of the Foundation’s investment expertise.  Those charities that  receive BC Gaming funds will benefit by having their permanent endowment with the Foundation because Gaming does not count it as part of their assets if it is held by the Foundation therefore does not disqualify them from receiving BC Gaming grants.

Anyone can donate to one of the Agency funds using our online Donation Form.  Just select the charity from the Non Profit Agencies menu.

To see a list of the Agency funds held by the Foundation visit the Agency Funds page.

Recently the Foundation began offering an alternative for charities who wish to invest for the future but not tie their capital up in perpetuity so it is available for a capital campaign or other special project, by offering a  Managed Funds service.