On November 15, 2017, at our National Philanthropy Day lunch, we announced the creation of a special fund at Abbotsford Community Foundation, which is inspired by the work, the dedication and commitment, of Cst John Davidson and his work with youth while he was still here, and the impact it will have as his legacy.


The financial stewards of funds raised simultaneously with Operation X have agreed to use these funds as the seed money to make this happen.  Those funds were raised with the support of APD officers and civilians during the Operation X awareness campaign, primarily through the sale of bracelets.  


This new fund will have a youth focus. Cst Davidson’s family is both aware of and honored that a fund is being created at Abbotsford Community Foundation with this focus.  The family is pleased that money raised through a project in which Cst Davidson was directly involved will be used in this way.


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