Community Asset Building for Donors

Smart & Caring Community Campaign

Smart & Caring Community

Abbotsford Community Foundation offers donors the opportunity to “invest” in Abbotsford in a way that helps people today and tomorrow.  The “capital” is your endowment fund which you can start with a minimum gift of $10,000 and then build over time.  The income from your fund will go to whatever charity or charities you wish to support.  You can support the same charities or change them annually if you wish.  Endowments can also support a student award on an ongoing basis.

Click here for more information on The Community Foundation Advantage

For ideas on how you can create a fund visit Ways to Give and for more info on your options for what you can support through ACF visit What to Support

Support our Smart and Caring Community Fund where the income is being directed to projects and programs that help children living in Abbotsford in poverty.

Visit Smart and Caring Community Campaign.

Support your community with a bequest to an endowment fund and leave a historical legacy as well by participating in the Abbotsford Legacy Stories program.