What to Support

Please see our Giving Guide here for complete information on what we do, why we do it and how you can get involved in a way that supports your values and wishes for our community.

Create a Named Endowment Fund
An individual, family or organization can create a named endowment fund.  The first step is to determine what kind of fund you wish to create based on what you wish to support. You can choose from the following:

Donor Designated Fund
In this case you determine which charitable organization(s) you wish to receive the income from the fund and ACF will do this each year.

Donor Advised Fund
This type of fund allows you to determine each year which charity or charities you wish to support with the income from the fund.  ACF will contact you each year for your decision.

Field of Interest Fund
If have an area of interest and would like to have the foundation use your income to support this particular such as the environment or youth or seniors.  The minimum required to create a Field of Interest Fund is $100,000.

Student Award Fund
You may wish fund a scholarship or bursary or general student award for a graduating high school student in Abbotsford. ACF will help your create this award and you will be given the opportunity to hand out the award at the student’s graduation ceremony.

Donations for to Support Current Funds
ACF has established several special funds which the community can support.  There is no minimum donation except for creating a flow through student award.  Below is a list of those opportunities:

Smart and Caring Community Fund
This community fund provides income for ACF’s annual community grants and any amount can be donated to this fund to help ACF address community priorities.  Anyone interested in establishing an endowment fund to support Abbotsford at large are encouraged to create a fund under the umbrella of the Smart and Caring Community Fund where the income from their named fund will be added to the income from this fund.  In this way the donor is assured that the income is being used for the community’s priority needs.

For more information on our current area of focus please see Smart and Caring Community Campaign.

ACF Housing Fund
Homelessness continues to be an important issue in Abbotsford.  This fund was established to provide support to organizations who help the homeless.

ACF Student Awards Fund
ACF also gives out scholarships to graduating high school students.  In addition to good academic performance and financial need, ACF is also looking to support students who have given back to their community.  Donors may also support this fund.

Agency Funds
A number of local charities have established endowment funds where the income supports their operations and programs.  For a list of these funds visit our online Donation Form and click on the drop down box for a list of Agency Funds held by ACF.

Flow Through Student Awards
If you are interested in funding an annual student award by providing the award amount each year you can do so if you can commit to doing this for a minimum of three years.  The minimum award amount is $1,000.