Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund


In response to the November 2021 floods, the Abbotsford Community Foundation (ACF), the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and the University of the Fraser Valley jointly established the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund. This fund is currently supporting front-line agencies providing essential services to affected families and businesses.

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Update: May 2022

The local disaster and community response efforts we witnessed in late 2021 were truly remarkable.

The first crisis phase was emergent and this is where the first grants from the Disaster Relief Fund were key to helping front line charities in their initial emergency response. Ripping out drywall, disposing of possessions, supplying meals for folks, helping them to relocated, rescuing stranded animals and our response to that was immediate. Check out our blog for some of those impact stories, such as the amazing response of Arnold Church or the help Langley Animal Protection Society did with displaced livestock and pets.

We are now in the middle phase of the recovery. This phase has to do with remediation – bringing restoration to things that have been broken and identifying and providing funding for gaps where little or no financial help is available.  An example of this is recent funding provided to help rebuild four homes for individuals who had little or no supports available to them.  The next phase is long-term and we want to still be there to help people get their restoration works across the finish line.  If they’ve received 80% of the funding from other sources but can’t yet complete their rebuild to get it to 100% completed, we want to be able to help out with funds to ensure they experience a full recovery.  If we had distributed 100% of the proceeds, we would have had nothing left to help people actually rebuild in the current phase. Likewise, if we had already distributed 100% of the proceeds by now, we would also not be there to support the folks who need extra funding after having already run 80% of the recovery race.

A recovery like this is a marathon, not a sprint and every dollar will go to maximize impact. That impact will be felt long after the emergent needs are exposed and the news crews have left town.  All funds raised by the Abbotsford Disaster Relief fund are going to the flood affected members of our community.  This recovery process is not overnight and  we continue to identify and fill the gaps where needed.  Thank you to all who have donated and supported the ADRF.  We will continue to accept donations via our online donation portal.

Looking to apply for a grant? Find out more information here to see if you are eligible. Applications are being reviewed by the ACF Grants Committee weekly. If you are a farmer or business affected by the flood, access grants via the Abbotsford Chamber here.

Thank you for your continuing support.

All grants will be administered by the Abbotsford Community Foundation. Ongoing needs assessment is underway to determine the areas of greatest need as the community recovers from this disaster.

If you wish to donate by cheque, please make the cheque payable to the Abbotsford Community Foundation and note the “Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund” in the memo, and mail the cheque to the following address:

Abbotsford Community Foundation

Attn: Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund
201 – 2890 Garden Street
Abbotsford, BC V2T 4W7

A tax receipt will be sent to you upon receipt and processing of your donation. Please include your email address if you would like your receipt emailed.