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Housing Grants


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Max request $9,000
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Please complete the Project Budget Worksheet as linked on the Housing Grants page. As a 2023 Housing Grant can only account for a maximum of 60% of the cost of your project, please identify additional sources of funding or in-kind contributions for the remaining 40% of your total project costs. At the time of this application submission, the additional revenue sources do not need to be committed; however, if your application is successful, we will require confirmation that the additional resources have committed by June 30, 2023 before our funding will be released to you. Maximum grant available is $9,000.

Please include the following documents as a PDF attachment to this application: • Balance Sheet & Income Statement (most recently completed year) • Annual operating budget (current year)


What is the primary mission or purpose or your organization? Briefly describe your core programs. What is the geographic scope of your organization? How many people do you serve? (This is intended to provide a general overview of your organization, max 500 words or less).
How will your project specifically provide or improve services for individuals facing homelessness in Abbotsford? Is there a specific problem you are addressing? (Max 200 words or less).
Describe how your project takes an innovative approach to addressing homelessness within the community. (Max 200 words or less).
Provide an estimate of the total number of people who may benefit from your project including how many people you anticipate will directly benefit. (Max 200 words or less).
How will this project enhance services your organization is already providing for individuals facing homelessness within our community? Define what success looks like for your organization including the desired impact you hope to make, and how it will be measured. For instance, after introducing this project, we were able to assist an additional 20 individuals each month. (Max 200 words or less).
Provide a detailed project work plan that includes specific activities including timelines and areas of responsibility. (Max 200 words or less).
How does this project fit into your future programming? If it is not a one-time project, how will it be financed in the future? (Max 200 words or less).
If your project involves partnering with other organizations, identify each organization and describe how your organizations will collaborate to reach your common goal. (Max 200 words or less).
Does your project utilize the use of volunteers? If so, how many? (Max 200 words or less).
Will your project continue if we can only partially fund your request? If yes, please describe. (Max 200 words or less).


We view our granting relationships as partnerships. As such, all of our grant recipients are expected to publicly recognize their grant as part of their marketing and communication efforts (website, newsletters, social media, etc.) per their grant agreement. The Abbotsford Community Foundation will also promote all grant recipients in our marketing and communications as appropriate.

Grant recipients are invited to support, collaborate, and/or participate in Abbotsford Community Foundation initiatives such as our annual Smart & Caring Golf Classic held in September. However, participation in Abbotsford Community Foundation initiatives is NOT a requirement of this application.


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