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Samyta’s Story

Samyta Rai knew from early on that she wanted to follow in her family’s foot steps and attend business school. Coming from a family of accountants, she had her eye on UBC’s Sauder School of Business for quite some time. She knew that to get into UBC’s business school that she would not only need excellent grades but also great leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Thankfully for Samyta, this was not too difficult as she exceled during her years at Yale Secondary. She completed multiple advanced placement and honours classes, volunteered her time, joined the leadership team and played team sports.

A dream come true with a little help along the way 

Due to high tuition costs, she applied for numerous student awards through ACF’s Student Awards Program during her graduating year. Not surprisingly, Samyta was selected as a recipient of both the Calder-Giacchini Memorial and RDM Lawyers LLP awards. She received both awards for demonstrating high academic achievement and serving over 50 hours in the community. She remembers feeling shocked, excited, and honoured that others would invest in her.

From finding work placements to finding her passion 

Similar to her high school experience, Samyta threw herself into university life by participating in societies, work placements, and many more activities. She not only worked as a teaching assistant but she also completed multiple co-op placements with E-Comm 9-1-1 and GoldCorp, and lastly an internship with Teck Resources. Although she specialized in both HR and Accounting, ultimately, she followed her passion by working in the HR field. She’s thankful for her multiple work placements that helped her to confirm this passion.

Samyta successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2020 and is now employed by Deloitte as a Business Analyst in the consulting field. When she reflects on her educational journey, she feels strongly that her education helped her get where she is today. And when asked who she’s thankful for, she said there’s “too many to name”. She’s grateful for all her family, friends, donors, mentors and supporters who have helped her get where she is today.

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