How Student Awards are Funded

Student Award Endowment Funds

More than 80 generous community organizations, businesses, families and individuals have established permanent endowment funds with Abbotsford Community Foundation (ACF) to support student awards.

The minimum donation required to establish an endowment fund is $10,000. However, a donor may start an emerging fund with a gift of $5,000 with the understanding that if the fund does not reach $10,000 within three years, the monies will go into the ACF Student Award Endowment Fund.

The income funds awards to graduating students of the public and private secondary schools in Abbotsford that participate in the Program. These include:  Abbotsford Senior, Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (A.S.I.A.), Abbotsford Traditional, Bakerview Centre for Learning (B.C.L.), Mennonite Educational Institute (M.E.I.), Rick Hansen, Robert Bateman, W. J. Mouat and Yale.

Annual Student Awards

This year over 80 organizations and individuals are supporting our graduating Grade 12 students by funding Annual awards where the donor provides the full amount of the award each year. The donor works with the Foundation to develop the criteria and name for the award and commits to a period of at least three years to fund the award.  The ACF provides the following services to administer the annual award: online directory listing, providing the mechanism for the students to apply for the award online, receipt and printing of all student applications, providing all applications to the donor to choose the recipient in early April, coordinating the donor presentation at the grad ceremony, collecting and verifying student enrollment in a post-secondary institution, monitoring the payment of the award, reporting to CRA and handling of all funds through this process.   There is a 15% administration fee to provide this service.

How to Create a Student Award

Please see our Giving Guide here for complete information on what we do, why we do it and how you can get involved in a way that supports your values and wishes for our community.

If you are interested in creating a student award, please contact Wendy Neufeld at or call her at 604-309-9274. Our Student Awards Program is open to Grade 12 students graduating from a high school in the Abbotsford School District or MEI.  We can also help donors support other students through the creation of a donor advised endowment fund.