Types of Student Awards

The Abbotsford Community Foundation and our generous donors recognize the importance  of supporting tomorrow’s leaders and assisting students in realizing their dreams by providing support through a variety of student awards.


Scholarships are awards that recognize academic excellence.


Bursaries are awards for students in financial need.

Blended Scholarships / Bursaries

These awards have balanced both financial need and recognition of academic excellence as their primary focus so applicants must meet both criteria to be eligible to apply.

Field of Interest Awards

These awards have neither an emphasis on academic excellence or financial need and instead reflect the interests of the donors who fund them. In many cases, the criteria includes community service. Some have a very narrow focus, for example, on music or sports or a particular career path. Applicants should review the award descriptions carefully to make sure they meet the criteria and can demonstrate it before applying. In most cases, applicants can describe how they meet the criteria in the text boxes in the Awards Program Application Form.