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We give where we live.

We serve Abbotsford by connecting donors with causes that matter to them. Together, we build, invest and manage the gifts we have been given, for the long-term vitality of our community. We offer leadership and build bridges between the diverse groups that give our community life.




40 Years of Community Impact

Abbotsford is a community with deep roots, great diversity, and an open and welcoming spirit. As people, we are more generous than anywhere else in Canada. Philanthropy exists in many ways, but the history of our organization speaks to commitment of sustainable generosity.

The Abbotsford Community Foundation was conceived by a series of initiating events that started with a substantial donation by the Trethewey family to the Matsqui Parks and Recreation Commission in 1978. In 2019, we are celebrating 40 years of giving in our community.  We are an endowment based organization – what our donors generously give us, we pool, reinvest and the annual earnings are granted back to the community through our granting programs.   Through the last four decades we have seen tremendous growth in our capital which has allowed us to support Abbotsford in many ways through grants and scholarships.

Since its inception, Abbotsford Community Foundation has granted almost $11 million back into the community, which includes close to $5 million in student awards. It is the Foundation’s goal to have at least $20 million in our endowment funds by the year 2020. With your help, we will continue to grow our endowments so that we can further invest in our community, creating a lasting impact that will inspire future generations.


Total grants distributed directly into meaningful causes within Abbotsford in 2018


Total amount granted since 1980


Total scholarships and bursaries allocated to 312 Abbotsford secondary students in 2018


Total scholarships and bursaries awarded since program inception

Legacy Stories

George Ferguson

“I would just like to think I passed through this era, this world, and hopefully made something a little better for the average person”. So said George when asked how he would like to be remembered.
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Dave Kandal

“Dave has some great stories from his flying days. One such story takes place in 1958 when two Japanese destroyers were entering Vancouver harbour on a friendly visit. Dave and one of his colleagues decided to stage a mock dogfight over the Georgia Strait. In the middle of their demonstration, their wings clipped. Dave found it necessary to eject from his T-bird: he watched his jet crash, and subsequently sink, into the ocean. He recalls thinking that the Lord didn’t want him yet – he was rescued by a trawler – and he knew there was more to do. He was fined only $50 for his troubles!”
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David Lanphear

David Lanphear has built his career in banking in the Fraser Valley with Envision Financial. He joined what was then called First Heritage in 1998 as a Financial Services officer and worked his way up the management ladder and on January 1, 2016 became President of Envision Financial.
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Celebrating 40 Years of Giving!

Endowments and Grants – How Are They Managed